Smog Kills & Instafamous


First of all; don’t be an idiot like me and do a workout in a park in Beijing when the smog levels are high. How self-defeating can you be ?! I don’t know wat astma is like, but I think it felt pretty similar. I also have a throat infection. It’s great.

Also: After 10 minutes of push-ups and pull-ups people started applauding and surrounding me while taking pictures. Then one guy was brave enough to stop staring and/or filming and engage in conversation.

“Is it ok if I take a picture?”

– You’ve been taking pictures before you asked this question

“You speak Chinese!!!”

– uh-huh

“You have a really good body”

– Thank you

“Really strong and balanced”

-Thank you

“You did pull-ups!”

– Yes I did

“Where are you from?”

– The Netherlands”
“Your Chinese is good!”

– Thank you (He based that on the many thank you’s I’m sure)

“They speak Chinese in the Netherlands?!”

– No, I studied Chinese

“In the Netherlands?”

– In the Netherlands

“Can I take some more pictures?”

– … sure

* I did some split-squats; like a squat on one leg*


– uhm….thank you

“You must need a lot of “Qi” for that”

– Excuse me?

“The balance in your body, I’m sure it requires a lot of Qi.”

– Oh.. yes. Yes it does. Lot’s of.. Qi…

“You have a Chinese tattoo?!”



– That’s what it says

“Can I take a picture of that as well?”

– yeah sure….

“A foreigner who loves Chinese culture, wonderful!”


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