My new flatmate: Mr. Lim


This is Mr. Lim from Korea.


He is one of my 4 new flatmates, and boy are they an interesting bunch. One of them is apparently really famous and Mr. Lim is his agent. This picture was taken on the day they arrived and when I didn’t know anything about them yet. I was doing my make-up in front of a mirror and Mr. Lim asked in his best English: ” Are you done makeupping? I wanna take picture.” He said he takes pictures of women to get into the Guinness book of records to be the first man to photograph a certain amount of women. He had thousands he said. I asked if he only photographed beautiful women, as a joke, and he said: “Nooo no no. Ugly Ugly.” My other flatmate; apparently a famous actor, assured me he was not a pervert. Then he quickly went in his room and put on a coat over his pj’s and this picture was taken. You can tell how comfortable I am from the look on my face.

Later I asked Mr. Lim what he was doing in China, you know, to be nice. His response: “Ohhh I escape from the North Korea. I run. Very very fast. I here for two weeks. My friend help me escape!” At first I was caught off guard a little by that response and I can be pretty naive and stupid, plus I didn’t know anyone..But then I turned to famous actor man and said: “He’s joking right? Tell me he’s joking.” To which his response was: “Have you ever seen such a fat North Korean?”

The other two flatmates are a mysterious Korean doctor experienced in Chinese medicine and a Jewish lady; Mr. Lim’s assistant. Mr. Korean Chinese medicine doctor did an acupuncture session on me today. It hurt and didn’t help. I’m not making assumptions. But I am. The lady is looking for synagogue life in Beijing. Is there such a thing?

Like I said: an interesting bunch

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