Canada: Music & Street Performing

Music and Busking in Canada.

The first connection I make with a new country is always through music. Canada was a bit different however; we all know plenty of Canadian artists, and I wasn’t really sure how I could make this as interesting as music I’ve discovered in other countries, or if that was even possible. I could not have been more wrong. There are some fan-tastic local artists that deserve a listen! Without further ado, a playlist of local Canadian talent you may not have heard of yet. Want to add to this list? (or add yourself) Contact me.

Or go to: Busking

Amazing artists not (yet) on Spotify:

**♬** Busking In Canada **♬**

In case you wanted to come to Canada to make some music yourself, I feel like you could not have picked a better place. I haven’t found many places where the busking rules are this lenient (for most cities). You need a little bit of pocket money for a permit (and for being able to use amplification), but even if you just want to chill outside with a musical instrument, there are plenty of places to be creative without spending any money.

Want to add to this list? contact me.


Vancouver (click me)
Some locations need a permit, some locations are free to play, some locations are prohibited

Amplification allowed for certain instruments and under certain conditions.

Minimum age to perform: 13 (accompanied by adult).

Permit Prices 2020:
4 months: $42.34 + $2.12 GST
1 year: $125.65 + $6.28 GST

*I’ve found that the regulations are not that strictly enforced. shhhh
Toronto (click me)
Minimum age to perform: 18 (or contact municipal licensing)

Comply with requirements of City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 313 (44.1) (Streets and Sidewalks), Chapter 315 (Street vending) and Chapter 591 (Noise)

Link to application form

Permit Prices 2020 (yearly increase)
Busking / Sidewalk Artist: $25.00


Working on it!!

Other: Small municipalities do not require permits but still have guidelines about noise levels and sales.

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