Hello! Hoi! 你好 ! أهلاً

Me (:
I’m a Dutch-Egyptian expat, sort of nomad, and complete klutz (basically describes this blog in a nutshell).

For the past 6 years I’ve been moving from one country to the next, so far having lived in Taiwan, China, and Canada, while traveling in-between. Right now I live in Cairo, Egypt.

I don’t follow, what is this about?

I’ve just had little side-projects for almost every country I’ve lived in. In Taiwan I contributed to a food blog, in China I tried to break biases by writing about travel mishaps and encounters with locals, and in Egypt I hope to shed some positive light on the Middle-East by focusing on music (Project here). Basically I just wanted to bring those projects together on one platform, and, well, there you go!
Other than that, you can find:

  • How to not die on the road
  • A list of favorites (spots/restaurants – respective to each country)
  • Local music / artists

Okay, cool, so what’s with the title?

There’s a problem with Travelgrams and travel influencers.

Besides the lack of diversity (hundreds of pictures of translucent blue oceans. Do you really need that many?) they also contribute to a negative/false/biased representation of a country and its people, over-tourism, and destroying the environment. Also, have you noticed it’s a specific group of people that #bless and #wanderlust you with everything? Gross.

So, I wanted to do things a little bit differently; not focusing on pretty pictures or scenery, but sharing music, art, and stories, to hopefully shift the focus of travel in an alternative direction.

Where can I follow you?

I’m so glad you asked! Find me on my social media, or contact me here.

Thanks so much for reading!

Love ❤


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