Notarizing documents for Egypt. How hard can it be?…..

The Egyptian embassy in the Netherlands does not have a website. I’m not sure if they ever had one, but the one linked on Google leads to nothing. With no information and no reply to my emails, I did what I always do: I just winged it. A lot of people. I’m guessing around 20.Continue reading “Notarizing documents for Egypt. How hard can it be?…..”

All the Canadian(ish) things I’ll miss (and definitely won’t miss)

Dear Canada. I have been inside you for over a year now. Your winters suck. Your summers are the best. You’ve inspired me as an artist. You’ve made me a nicer person. You’ve brainwashed me into saying “eh?” all the time… It’s been fun. Before I remove myself from you, I just wanted to endContinue reading “All the Canadian(ish) things I’ll miss (and definitely won’t miss)”

Canada: Music & Street Performing

Music and Busking in Canada. The first connection I make with a new country is always through music. Canada was a bit different however; we all know plenty of Canadian artists, and I wasn’t really sure how I could make this as interesting as music I’ve discovered in other countries, or if that was evenContinue reading “Canada: Music & Street Performing”